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Down Syndrome Program News
Volume #2, Newsletter #15 January 2017





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Dear Friends of the Down Syndrome Program,

Happy New Year! 

We are thrilled that our program continues to grow, and we have record numbers of patients and families. In order to meet the needs of all of our families, we have made some changes to our scheduling procedures.  We also have new potty training supports and services to share, and exciting new research opportunities upcoming.

Hope to see you in 2017!

Dr. Nicole Baumer
Director, Down Syndrome Program

Angela Lombardo
Program Coordinator, Down Syndrome Program


We will now be scheduling infants and toddlers ages 5 months - 2.5 years in the Thursday morning multidisciplinary clinic. We will be asking families to arrive by 8am to ensure time for check in, height/weight measurements and paperwork to be completed prior to the start of visits.

The front desk staff on Fegan 10 will now be responsible for scheduling visits for all of our patients on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.  When you leave your visit, you will schedule a follow up appointment at the front desk. If you are interested in setting up a visit, please call Fegan 10 front desk staff at 617-355-7025 to schedule your visit to our program. 

As always, visits will be customized to fit the needs of your child. Angela will be working with the Boston Children's Hospital Practice Liaison Program to help coordinate subspecialty visits at Boston Children's Hospital as needed.

Angela's focus will shift from scheduling appointments, to clinical care coordination and resource specialist support.  She will continue to provide personalized family support and guidance.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Angela.

Down Syndrome Program Office Number - 857-218-4329

Fegan 10 Front Desk Staff Number - 617-355-7025

The Down Syndrome Program is pleased to offer toilet training consultation within the  Developmental Medicine Center.  Children ages 4 years and older can be seen for a clinic visit to provide medical assessment and treatment of underlying constipation or withholding, which has the potential to impede your child’s successful acquisition of stool and urine continence, as well as an ongoing behavioral plan and supports for toilet training.  

After initial assessment, some children may also benefit from a more intensive approach in our 6 week Toilet School, using a group approach.  Toilet school classes are held on Thursday afternoons, with 4-6 children per group.  The parents meet together as a group with our lead psychologist, while the child’s group meets with a clinician. 

If you are interested in an individual consult provided by one of our Developmental Medicine nurse practitioners or medical care providers or want to learn more about our Toilet School Program, please contact Angela Lombardo.

We also have a free webinar on Toilet Training for families to watch at their leisure.  Our brand new Toilet Training Guide will be available in the Spring.

March 4th:   Visions of Community FCSN Conference
March 25th!   MDSC Annual Conference 


Please reach out to us as soon as possible if there is a need to reschedule or cancel your visit.  We understand when unexpected conflicts and illness occur.  However, we have many families in need of an appointment, and when appointments are cancelled last minute, we are unable to fill the slots. 
Our Vision

All individuals with Down syndrome are physically and emotionally healthy, engaged at their highest capacity in school or vocation, have meaningful family and social relationships, and are valued members of their communities.

Our Mission

To partner with families, interdisciplinary providers, and researchers to evaluate, treat, and investigate medical, cognitive, neurodevelopmental, educational, mental health, behavioral and social needs of individuals with Down syndrome from the time of diagnosis until transition to adult care.